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Children and families are very welcome at Port Pirie Baptist!

We love to have the noise and activity of kids in our worship. We are diverse, welcoming, relaxed and casual group. If babies or toddlers are distressed or need feeding, parents may like to go into the retreat room by the entrance doors and listen on the speaker  and watch through the window. Alternatively they can use the crèche room which is located to the side of the chapel and watch and listen from the TV in there.

Crèche is available for pre-school children after the first bracket of songs at around 10:45 or children may want to stay in until after the children’s talk. 

Sunday school runs in the hall for primary aged school children during the sermon (except during school holidays).

Fun at Plenty St Park is a regular event for children and families that happens just around the corner from the church on a Sunday afternoon. Please contact Roger Kleinig for details on when the next one is being held. 0427 399 244


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