Suzanne is serving with Baptist Mission Australia by working with the K people of the Silk Road, Central Asia. 

Partner with her in prayer 

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Suzanne’s Role 

Suzanne worked in a Christian school in Port Pirie from 2018-2023 with the daily privilege of sharing with her students the joy and wonder of learning more about God’s creation, mission, and character. She is bringing her teaching and TESOL skills to the Silk Road team, with a desire to support others in their discernment of what it means for them to follow Jesus in culturally distinctive ways. 

The Silk Road is part of a formerly USSR nation in Central Asia. The K people are hospitable with a big focus on family. They are also among the least reached people groups in the world. K people predominantly follow Islam. Less than 1% of K people believe in Jesus. 30 years ago, that number was likely less than a dozen. The Bible has only been translated into the K language for 10 years. A door is opening in the Silk Road to the sharing of the gospel, but opportunities are scarce to hear about Jesus.  

After some time focusing on learning K language and culture, Suzanne will teach at an English centre ran in a village in the Silk Road. The ability to speak English is valued by the K government as the country develops and moves further into the 21st century, trading with Western nations. English proficiency allows for a greater quality of life through employment in tourism, business, and education. Alongside supporting the community through development, Suzanne will build friendships through which she can share the deep hope that we have in Jesus Christ.