Andrew & Tanya Smith

Picture Andrew and Tanya Smith


Andrew & Tanya Smith serving with SIM in Mozambique

Andrew & Tanya’s Role

The Smith family live in Nomba near Lichinga but soon plan to move to the village of Lumbiza in the district of Sanga in Niassa, once their house has been built. Andrew works in the field of agriculture demonstrating “Foundations for Farming” which is a course teaching God’s word through conservation agriculture. Andrew is also involved in an agricultural project with the Anglican Church and Chikweti (the largest local forestry company) who have asked him to teach these methods to their people. He is teaching 6 Anglican community workers (Adeptos) and they work in 18 communities each having an average of 15 farmers (over 270 families).  He also visits the communities with the Adeptos offering technical advice.

Along with this work he has 2 display farms, one near the village of Casisi and the other near the village of Mapuje. These display farms are around ¼ hectare or 50m X 50m farms growing maize and beans using conservation farming techniques. The aim is to teach farmers to use their land more productively so they can provide for their families and make a profit.

After the move to Lumbiza, the Smiths will set up a larger display farm and a training centre. They believe that the agricultural project will grow and involve more communities and hope that hundreds or thousands of farmers will be able to increase their yields by using these conservation agriculture techniques.

Tanya’s main role is home schooling the children.  She also has a passion to be involved in women’s and children’s ministries.


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of SIM is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world as we:

  • Evangelise the unreached
  • Minister to human need
  • Disciple believers into churches
  • Equip churches to fulfil Christ’s Commission

SIM Australia is part of a dynamic team of men and women from all over the world, committed to making Christ known. With approximately 1600 missionaries working in over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

Yawo People

Andrew & Tanya Smith are working among the Yawo people who live in Malawi, Mozambique & Tanzania.  They were once a powerful force in the region, trading at national and even international levels.  This included selling slaves and ivory to Arab traders along the South East coast of Africa.

Through this interaction, the Yawo people adopted Islam, and now follow a blend of Islamic and traditional African beliefs and practices.

Formerly powerful, the Yawo are now among the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in the region which is one of the poorest areas in the world.